Our selection of brewing adjuncts can be used to add different flavours, mouthfeel, and even clarity to beer.  Additionally, brewing with adjuncts can help to lower production costs. From flaked rye to unmalted wheat, there is an adjunct that can accent practically any style of beer.

  • Flaked Corn

    Generally a neutral flavour, used to reduce maltiness of beerProduces beer with a milder, less malty flavourUses: Primarily for light Bohemian and Pilsner lagers These are mash ready and will provide subtle flavor and mouthfeel contributions to beer...
  • Flaked Oats

    Adds body, mouth feel and head retention to the beerUsed in oatmeal stouts and portersAdds substantial protein haze to light beersProtein rest recommended unless flakes are pregelatinized
  • Rice Hulls

    Hulls are introduced to improve the speed of lautering when making high gravity or high adjunct beers.Hulls are neutral in flavour, body and color, and are inertGood for wheat beers, Wits, and others that have high protein mashes.
  • Toasted Barley Flakes


    Toasted Barley Flakes

    These flakes are mash ready and can impart head retention, body, a creamy mouthfeel and subtle grain flavors. Suitable for up to 40% of grist total. This is a pre-gelatinized flaked grain and does not require milling
  • OIO

    Toasted Rye Flakes

    Hot rod flaked and partially gelatinized (Coarse Flakes), imparts a dry, crisp character and strong rye flavor.  Suitable for 5-10% of the grist total.
  • Toasted Wheat Flakes

    Flaked wheat adds to increased body and foam retentionUsed in place of raw or torrified wheat for faster conversion and better yield.May be used in small amounts to improve head retention and bodyExamples: Belgian White beer, Wit