Pelletized or fresh hops we try to stock what is readily available.  

  • Amarillo

    usd2.48 - usd24.88
    Discovered and introduced by Vigil Gamache Farms Inc. in Washington State. Character similar to Cascade. Often used as a late kettle or dry hop addition to American style Pale Ales and IPA’s due to its signature aroma characteristics. Used for both...
  • Azacca

    a french pearle style varietal. Next to Cascade, the Fraser Valley is really starting to make a name for itself with this open source varietal. Perhaps it's the terroir of our sandy humus that really takes this dual purpose hop to the next level? My...
  • Cascade

    usd1.21 - usd11.69
    A hops with Northern Brewers Heritage Used for: American ales and lagers Aroma: Strong spicy, floral, grapefruit character Substitutes: Centennial Examples: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Liberty Ale
  • Centenial

    usd1.58 - usd16.52
    Used for: General purpose bittering, aroma in American ales and WheatsAroma: Floral, citrus aroma, spicy, clean bittering flavorSubstitutes: Galena, Eroica, Nugget, BullionExamples: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot    
  • Chinook

    usd1.43 - usd15.01
    strong versatile bittering hopUsed for: Ales, porters, stoutsAroma: Heavy and spicy aromaSubstitutes: Galena, Eroica, Nugget, BullionExamples: Sierra Nevada Stout, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
  • Citra

    usd2.26 - usd22.62
    Special aroma hops released in 2007. Imparts high alpha/oil content but low cohumulone.Aroma: Adds interesting citrus and tropical fruit character to the beer. Substitutes: Unknown Storage: Fair (50-60% AA after 6 months at 20 C)13% AA 
  • Columbus

    usd1.21 - usd15.09
    Engineered Centennial Substitute - High alpha bittering hops. Used for: Bittering, flavor, aroma - IPA, American Pale Ale, Stout, Lager Aroma: Pungent, spicy. Strongly aromatic, but clean tasting bitterness Substitutes: Centennial
  • East Kent Golding

    usd1.88 - usd18.85
    Alpha: 4.8 %Type: BothForm: PelletNotes: Also known as Canterbury Hops by some, although others will dispute this fact. East Kent Goldings gracefully defines the English Pale Ales and Ales produced by the region, it is quintessentially English.Used for:...
  • El Dorado

    usd1.88 - usd28.66
      Alpha: 15.00 %Type: BothBeta: 7.50 %Form: PelletHSI: 20.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: Bred by CLS Farms, LLC, available on a larger scale for the first time during 2012 harvest. Fits the dual purpose/special mold.Used for: Experimental AlesAroma:...
  • Fuggle

    usd1.27 - usd18.85
    Alpha: 4.08 %Type: AromaBeta: 2.00 %Form: PelletNotes: US-grown version of the classic English aroma hop. Used for: English and American style alesAroma: Mild and pleasant, woodsy and herbal (earthy), fruity.Substitutes: U.K. Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian...
  • Lowest $ in atlantic


    Alpha: 14.4 %Type: BitteringBeta: 5.90 %Form: PelletNotes: A high alpha, dual purpose seedless hops with a unique hop aroma. It can be used either for bittering or as a late hop addition to provide a flavor of citrus and passionfruit to the finished beer...
  • Galena

    Alpha: 13.2 %Type: BitteringBeta: 8.00 %Form: PelletNotes: Used for: General bittering hops for all beersAroma: Strong, clean, balanced bitteringSubstitutes: Eroica, Northern Brewer, Cluster, ChinookExamples: Catamount Porter
  • Golding B.C.

    usd1.66 - usd17.27
    Used for: Bittering and finishing British ales, bitters, porters and stouts.Aroma: Spicy, floral, rounded mild aroma.Substitutes: East Kent Goldings, Fuggles
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    Very long history in German Lagers and its aromatic and flavor properties help to describe generations of beers from the area. Used for: German Ales, Pilsners, German/US/Canadian Lagers, Wheat BeersAroma: Pleasant, mild spicy flavor, clean, neutral...
  • Hallertau -Blanc

    Hallertau -Blanc

    usd1.88 - usd16.59
      “This is a great new hop from Germany. Along with Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria, Germany is cranking out some surprisingly potent fruity hops given their tendency towards more traditional noble hops. Very unique gooseberry character...
  • Hersbrucker

    usd2.03 - usd18.85
    “Hersbrucker was originally bred with the intention of producing a variety resistant to verticillium wilt that could act as a replacement for Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Hersbrucker reached the height of it's popularity in the 1970's and 1980's but...
  • Magnum

    usd1.50 - usd22.62
    Alpha: 15.8 %Type: BitteringBeta: 5.25 %Form: PelletHSI: 15.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: High-alpha hop with clean, neutral bitterness. Can be used in almost any recipe.Used for: Ale, Lager, Stout, hefeweizen, IPA, BitterAroma: No distinctive aroma...
  • Mandarina Bavaria

    Mandarina Bavaria

    Alpha: 8.50 %Type: BothBeta: 6.00 %Form: PelletHSI: 0.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: One of four new varieties released to German growers in 2012. Shares characteristics of its mother, Cascade, but fruitier and more herbal.Used for: American pale ale, lager (as...
  • Mosaic

    usd2.03 - usd20.36
    Alpha: 12.2 %Type: BothBeta: 3.50 %Form: PelletNotes: Available in quantity for the first time after 2012 harvest. Still known to many as HBC 369. A daughter of Simcoe crossed with a Nugget derived male. An excellent aroma variety.Used for: Ales, IPA,...
  • Mt Hood

    Used for: European Lagers, finishingAroma: Mild with a clean aroma, neutral flavor. Somewhat pungent.Substitutes: Hallertauer, Liberty, Crystal   AA=8.6%
  • New

    Northern Brewer

    usd1.50 - usd15.08
      For a long time Northern Brewer was relegated solely to Europe, but is now enjoying a resurgence in US craft beers, particularly Steam and California Common-style brews. It’s considered useful in a wide variety of other beer and ale types...
  • Nugget

    usd1.21 - usd12.75
    Used for: Bittering hops for alesAroma: Strong bittering, heavy, herbal aroma, spicySubstitutes: ChinookExamples: Sierra Nevada Porter
  • Perle

    Alpha: 9.2 %Type: AromaForm: PelletHSI: 25.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: Perle has a spicy character, and the aroma is moderate and pleasing. Commonly compared to Hallertau Mittlefruh.Used for: German ales, lagers, Plisner, Alt, Maisbier, Dunkle, KolschAroma:...
  • Saaz (cz)

    This traditional variety from the Czech Republic is grown on a limited basis in the U.S. A classic noble aroma that is famously used in Pilsners.Used for: Bohemian-style beers, Continental lagers, Wheats, Pilsener lagers, Ales, PilsnersAroma: Seasoned...
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    Alpha: 11.8 %Type: BitteringBeta: 4.50 %Form: PelletHSI: 18.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: High alpha bittering hops with good aroma characteristics.Used for: IPAsAroma: Citrus and pine-like aromaSubstitutes: N/A
  • Soriachi Ace

    Alpha: 13.00 % Type: Bittering Beta: 6.50 % Form: Pellet HSI: 25.00 % per 6 months Inventory:  Notes: Developed by Sapporo Breweries and used in their beers - has a Brewer's gold and...
  • Summit

    Alpha: 7.3 %Type: BitteringBeta: 5.00 %Form: PelletHSI: 15.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: High alpha variety bred by American Dwarf Hop Assoc. Can be grown commercially on a low trellis. Aroma: Strong citrus, grapefruit notes.Substitutes: Warrior, Millenium,...
  • Tettnanger

      Alpha: 4.2 %Type: AromaBeta: 4.00 %Form: PelletHSI: 50.00 % per 6 monthsNotes: One of the four noble hops along with Saaz, Spalt, and Hallertau Mittelfrueh, a group of mainland European hops that are prized for their similar, delicate flavor and...
  • Triple Perle

    a french pearle style varietal. Next to Cascade, the Fraser Valley is really starting to make a name for itself with this open source varietal. Perhaps it's the terroir of our sandy humus that really takes this dual purpose hop to the next level? My...
  • Willamette

    usd1.13 - usd15.01
    Used for: Finishing American and British AlesAroma: Mild, grassy, floral, slightly spicySubstitutes: Fuggles, East Kent GoldingsExamples: Sierra Nevada Porter, Ballard Bitter