The Yeast Bay

The Yeast Bay

The yeast bay contracts White Labs  to bank, propagate and package the organism for sale.

Their Mission

Our mission is simple: Provide commercially unavailable and rare strains of yeast and bacteria to the homebrewing and craft brewing communities in high quality liquid culture.

Yeast and bacteria are the most important components in the brewing process, as they serve as the bridge between the wort brewers produce and the beer it's transformed into during fermentation. During this transformation these organisms create a myriad of flavors, aromas and other metabolites that largely define the character of the beer. We strive to isolate and make available the most characterful and distinctive cultures on the market. Our goal is that when brewers use our cultures, the end result is a cornucopia of previously unattainable flavors and aromas that enhance the sensory experience of the finished beer.

Bottom line: Brewing great beer is hard, sourcing unique cultures should be easy. Here at The Yeast Bay, we're proud to provide the most unique yeast and bacteria on the market to the most innovative brewers across the world.