Australian Ale Yeast (WLP009-HB)

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Type: Ale Form: Liquid Attenuation: 72.50 % Min Temperature: 65.0 F Flocculation: High Max Temperature: 70.0 F Size: 35.49 ml Times Cultured: 0 Add To Secondary: FALSE Max Reuse: 5 Best For: Australian Ales, English Ales Notes: White Labs entry for Australian Ales. Produces a clean, malty finish with pleasant ester character. Bready character. Can ferment clean at high temperatures. Available in 35ml packs. more info BBD 08/12 Reviews "I HAD AN INKLING TO TRY" By:Daniel |Date:Jul 4, 2012 |Beer(s) Brewed:Experimental/Maibock-type ale I had an inkling to try and create an ale that was similar in taste and aroma as a Maibock lager... but without using any colder fermentation or pseudo-lager techniques. This yeast was the last missing piece I needed. Definitely should be a year-round strain. It fermented perfectly at 70deg F. No off-flavors or diacetyl. Also flocculated very well, leaving a nice clear beer. Left me with a finished product that had a nice, clean malty aroma, very pleasant malt taste, and little in the ways of "ale-iness" overall. Great great yeast indeed!!
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