Carboy- Fermonster 27L

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Will Take 2 to 3 days to arrive at the shop after pre-ordered (pending stock )
7.00 LBS
  • Carboy- Fermonster 27L
  • Carboy- Fermonster 27L


Easy to Clean! Wide Mouth (4” opening):Allows you to reach your hand inside to clean the dirty shoulders and edges. Smooth, rib-less sides: Reduces residual yeast that can fall back in when racking. Indented bottom:Allows you to get more liquid and less sediment when racking. Easy to measure:Brilliantly clear with markers of where to top up to. 100% Food-grade and BPA FREE! 27 litre size also can be used as a Single Stage Beer Fermenter! After sanitization, the #1 reason beer spoils is exposure to air during racking. This size allows you to do the entire beer fermentation in one vessel and open it for the first time at bottling. The capacity means you’re unlikely to even need a blow off hose. No More spoiled beer! (Makes dry-hopping a breeze as well) Standard lid takes a #10 rubber stopper. (Perfect air-tight seal) Solid lids can be purchased separately for storage or in case you want to drill your own sized hole. This Item is Special order it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. If you want one please place a pre- order if you pre-order there is no cancelling once ordered I will email you to confirm before ordering. If Supplier has no stock it can delay the delivery and I will communicate with you.
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