Edinburg Scottish Ale Yeast (WLP028-HB)

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  • Edinburg Scottish Ale Yeast (WLP028-HB)
  • Edinburg Scottish Ale Yeast (WLP028-HB)

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Type: Ale Form: Liquid Attenuation: 72.50 % Min Temperature: 65.0 F Flocculation: Medium Max Temperature: 70.0 F Size: 35.49 ml Times Cultured: 0 Add To Secondary: FALSE Max Reuse: 5 Best For: Strong Scottish style ales, ESB, Irish Reds Notes: Malty strong ale yeast. Reproduces complex, malty, flavorful schottish ales. Hop character comes through well. More info Available in 35ml packs. Review "CLOSE YOUR EYES, TAKE A SIP AND YOU'RE IN EDINBURGH!" By:Deej |Date:Feb 25, 2016 |Beer(s) Brewed:Scottish 80 Shiling Ale This was my first go with this yeast, using a new recipe for a Scottish 80/-. It fermented fabulously and relatively quickly. Attenuation was just as described. Flocculation was great, this is a clear, ruby amber ale. The ale has a wonderful slightly oaky Ester (not as forward as the London Ale strain) and the malt complexity shines through mightily while the hops balance it out at the end. Great yeast, great brew. Will be using this strain again and again.


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