Fastferment - Complete Kit 14 gal

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Finally! An affordable conical that makes sense for the Canadian home market! ( Conical fermenters offer advantages to both beginner and advanced beer and winemakers. They are a huge time saver and they also offer consistency advantages.

-Very easy to clean and sanitize (you can fit your hand in the opening)

-Less oxygen exposure

-Single stage usually not requiring a blow off hose.

-Remove the yeast from the liquid… not the liquid from the yeast. (huge time saver)

-Less yeast to liquid ratio reduces funky flavours from yeast autolysis (decomposing)

-’Collection Ball’ for super easy yeast harvesting.

-Wall mounting requires minimal space (optional ‘free standing’ stand sold separately)

FastFerment 14 Gal Kit Contains:

  • 53 Litre (total capacity) Conical Fermenter (Made with quality HDPE food grade       plastic)
  • 6" Screw top with airlock
  • Metal Stand
  • Bottom Collection Ball for yeast harvesting
  • Bottom valve and fittings 1/2" PVC         
  • Hose (4') & Hose Clamp
  • Instructions

This Item is Special order it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. If you want one please place a pre- order 

if you pre-order there is no cancelling once ordered,  I will email you to confirm before ordering. If Supplier has no stock it can delay the delivery and I will communicate this with you.   



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Cheapest price in Atlantic!
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