Hornindal Kviek Blend

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Hornindal Kveik Blend A great example of what the Norwegian Kveik family of yeasts can do! This is a selection of two of our favourite strains from Terje Raftevold's Hornindal Kveik. The blend shows mixed fruity character ranging from tropical fruit to red apple, with supporting notes of caramel. We recommend warm fermentation temperatures (>25å¼C), highly fermentable wort and yeast nutrients to ensure complete attenuation. The traditional Norwegian beers are quite malty by comparison to typical ales. Attenuation: 70-80% // Optimum Temp: 25-35å¼C // Alcohol tolerance: High // Flocculation: Medium-High Do I need to make a starter? The pitch rate provided is suitable for primary fermentation of standard gravity beers (<1.065SG). However, for high gravity beers or when the yeast is close to or past the expiry date, we do recommendmaking a yeast starter.
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