Irish Ale Yeast (WLP004-HB)

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Type: Ale Form: Liquid Attenuation: 71.50 % Min Temperature: 65.0 F Flocculation: Medium Max Temperature: 68.0 F Size: 0.00 ml Times Cultured: 0 Add To Secondary: FALSE Max Reuse: 5 Best For: Irish Ales, Stouts, Porters, Browns, Reds and Pale Ale Notes: Excellent for Irish Stouts. Produces slight hint of diacetyl balanced by a light fruitiness and a slightly dry crispness. More info Available in 35ml packs. Review "GREAT YEAST FOR A COFFEE STOUT" By:AZbrewer |Date:Nov 4, 2016 |Beer(s) Brewed:Coffee Stout I brewed a Coffee Stout for a friend. I pitched at 66, kept it there for 5 days, then slowly raised the temperature to 69. This yeast yielded a very clean and drinkable beer for me. This yeast did the job. This beer is one I'll do again, and I'll use this yeast for sure next time I do a dark ale like this. As clean as this is, I 'm even tempted to try this for an American IPA, which I brew often. This is a winner. "IRISH RED ALE " By:James Mathieu |Date:Feb 2, 2016 |Beer(s) Brewed:Irish Red ale Made a 1.5L starter from a recycled batch of this Irish ale yeast I harvested from a porter I brewed in December. Brewed a traditional Irish Red with an OG of 1.052, and and pitched around 70 degrees. Left outside on a cool San Diego night, and the next morning it was happily fermenting at around 62 degrees. After one more night outside, still strongly fermenting at 58 degrees. Brought inside and now maintaining temp of 64 degrees. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!
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