Mangrove Jack's Liquid Beer Flavorings

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Natural Flavour Boosts for Beer & Brewing is a brand new range of exciting natural flavours for brewers to add to their beer.

With a wide variety of flavours available from Manuka Styled Honey to Coffee, you can now add a 'Boost' of 100% natural flavour to any style of beer.


Derived from natural ingredients, Mangrove Jack's Natural Flavour Boosts allow you to add a new element of flavour to your beer. Create a huge range of unique beer creations with fantastic flavours to experiment with! 


-American Oak has a subtle oak aroma with sweet woody notes and light smoky undertones. Great for Imperial Stouts, Old Ales and Flanders Red.

-Coffee has a strong brewed coffee aroma, but still sweet to the taste. Fantastic for Stouts, Coffee, IPA, Porters. 

-Manuka Styled Honey has a strong Manuka styled honey aroma with sweet honey notes. Fantastic for Amber, Saison and Blondes. 

-Apricot has a fruity aroma with a well-rounded apricot flavour. Great for Wheat, Pale Ales and Pils.

-Passion Fruit has a strong passion fruit aroma, with mild citrus notes. Fantastic for Pale Ales, Saison and Gose. 

-Fresh cherry aroma, fruity, with well rounded sweet flavour. Fantastic for Red Ale, Porter, Blonde.


How it works:


With two ways to add Mangrove Jack's Natural Flavour Boosts to your beer, experimentation is easy. Either pour a full bottle of flavouring into your entire batch of beer before bottling or add 1.5 ml of flavouring per bottle before carbonation.






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